Ortus Update

2012-06-18 10:22:44 by Elvidian

Here at Elvidian we have noticed that a lot of the posts on our Facebook pages have been asking about the release date of Ortus. This update is to address all those posts.

In the past we have announced dates that we hoped Ortus would be completed by. Unfortunately we have not been able to make those deadlines due to the ambitious nature of the Ortus project. Regrettably at this point in time we cannot give you a release date. ORTUS WILL BE RELEASED and the team is working full time to get it done, but we just don't know when that will be.

Like stated earlier Ortus is a very ambitious project, at this point in time there is one animator, one writer, one coder and one artist working full time on a game that aims to be as big and diverse as RPGs made by multi-million dollar companies. This team is donating their time at this point as funding has well and truly run out for the project. They will continue to working hard until the game is complete and up to the high standard the team hold RPGs.

We want to assure all fans and supports that Ortus will come out and we will give you a release date as soon as we have one available.

In other news, we have just launched our BRAND NEW WEBSITE, be sure to check it out, big thanks to Lochie for all his hard work!

- the Elvidian Team

Ortus Update

G'day all

This is our first Newgrounds Userpage Post to announce the founding of 'Elvidian Entertainment'

we are comprised of the following Newgrounds Users:

Manager/Creative Director - JAZZA (Josiah Brooks)
Environment Design - ZEEDOX (Greg Bartlett)
Code/Engine - MOONKEY (Matthew Stradwick)
Code/Web - LOCHIE (Lochie Axon)
Writer - Adam Ipsen

We all work together so much that we decided to try and make something of it!

We have nothing to show for it yet...

Stay tuned. ;)

Eventual Websyte

We're here to kick ass and drink milk... And we've just finished our milk...